What is our relationship with AIT?

What is our relationship with AIT (the Italian Transhumanist Association) and why we think there is a need for an alternative transhumanist organization in Italy

The founders of the Italian Transhumanist Network (Bioetica, Estropico, Extropolitica, Tecnoumanisti, Trascendo) have all been involved, at various levels, with AIT. And all of us have been, to varying degrees, disappointed by the experience. We are particularly concerned by the disproportionate influence gained within AIT by the “suprahumanist” (sovrumanista) tendency, a situation fostered by Riccardo Campa (the association’s president) with the appointment of Stefano Vaj (the chief exponent of Italian sovrumanismo) as national secretary of the association. For years we have been spreading transhumanist ideas in Italy via our websites and blogs, and we are now embarassed to see transhumanism being linked in this way to an exponent of extreme ethno identitarianism and of anti-humanist/postmodern posthumanism, who is fiercely critical of democracy, equality, human rights, that advocates a future dominated by an “aristocracy” of the kind that emerged “after the Neolithic”, and whose last book Biopolitica is included in a list “Essential books for an sound racial education” (“Libri essenziali per una sana educazione razziale”) in the thread “Our Books” at stormfront.org, the forum of the White Pride World Wide, together with other well-known racist authors like Gobineau, Guenther, Duke, Klassen, Kemp, and others. Within our network we have different political opinions, and we might have different views on issues of bioethics, or on the relationship between transhumanism and religion, but what unites us is that we would be more than happy to live in each other’s visions of posthumanity – which is more than can be said of the “suprahumanist” vision of the future: a future of inter-communal conflict, and intra-communal rigid caste division. Furthermore, we are concerned with Campa’s autocratic rule of the association: AIT will not have any internal elections for the first five years of its existence; Vaj was not elected but simply appointed by Campa; several critical voices within AIT have been silenced, discouraged, expelled.

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